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Prominent digital India is trusted company in the market of security solutions.

With the Technology advancement, digitalization & Globalization, crime and uncertainty ratio has also increase. We at PDI offer you great and trusted solutions to your security needs, so that you are safe & secure. We not only make your business or commercial place secure, we also offer secure & safe environment for your home.

PDI offers security solutions under following categories CCTV Camera, Video door phone , Biometric , Entrance Control , Access Control , Smart Lock and Inspection Products .

Our responsibility does not end after implementing security solutions as per the customer needs. Our expert team provides 24X7 supports also.

Solutions cater by PDI

With our breakthrough security product we offer solution to various Industries and at personal space.

  • Banking & Financial Industry : - This is the industry where millions of transaction happened in a day and entire population depends on this sector for their monetary security & safety. It's important to have unsurpassable security solution, so that any affliction can be stop at right time.
    We at PDI offer various security solution for this industries example IP camera, HHMD metal detector, Biometric figure print lock.

  • Manufacturing : - It important for small and medium enterprise to protect their resource from damage , safe their ware house from theft and utilize their manpower resources to get more productive . Also help management to track working hours and overtime work for employees
    We at PDI offer various solutions like IP camera, metal detector, Biometric Product, entrance control , access controller .

  • Education Institutes : - Human mind come across various thoughts. It could be constructive or destructive. It's important to regulate destructive thoughts in educational area, so that future of a child or student can be groom fruitfully. Our CCTV camera security product helps in monitoring the student and teacher activity in school and college premises.

  • Malls : - Malls is a place where you will find crowd any time. It's become a place for gather and meeting. People come here to shop and hang out. It's mall management responsibility to take care of crowd safety and save them from any mishappening . Not only customers but retailers in mall also need to maintain their safety and security from theft , uncertainty and strangers to maintain their smooth process and increase their revenue outcome. We at PDI offer various technology advance security solutions like Entrance control , inspection products CCTV surveillance to increase the capability of mall security management against uncertainty .

  • Airport ,Railway and metro : - To avoid violence at the entrance or premises of public communications , we offer advanced technologies like CCTV camera , Entrance control , inspection products .

  • Smart & Reliable Home : - To make your home reliable , safe and peaceful for you and your family , we offer variety of highly advanced security solution products like CCT Camera surveillance , Video door phone , smart lock .

We at PDI make sure that our customer security needs are satisfied by our security products .

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Yes,our company is registered.Prominent digital India is trusted company in the market of security solutions and we offer you highly advance and technology break through security products.

We have the experts who are in this industry from more than a decade. Which resuls in smooth installation process.

An annual maintenance contract (AMC) is an agreement with a service provider for repair and maintenance of property used by your company.

We deal in ESSL , Hikvision, CP Plus, Dahua, Panasonic, Secureye

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