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Access control allows the selective access to place. It allows only authorize person to enter the place or premises. It records the history / time of entry and exit of employee or person at business organisation, laboratories, bank premises. By recording the time of entry and exit, it helps in detecting the pre plan crime, reduce Theft activity and decrease uncertainty. If a business is large or multinational company where lot of employees work, it can be difficult for everyone / security to know who is an employee and who is not.

An Access Control System helps prevent strangers entering the business or office premises and help in protecting data and useful information. If a business operate in multiple shifts / 24X7 shifts with large groups of employees coming and going at odd hours, an Access Control System can help organize the chaos or disorder.

An Access Control System Control Multiple Access Across Multiple location of offices for example MNCs has multiple offices at multiple location. An Access Control System will not only help company to limit access to those employees who only need to enter one building, but will also allow access to those employees who need to enter all buildings.

At PDI under Access control security system categories we offer Multi Door Controller, Elevator Controller, Visitor management.